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Canyon Country CA


Canyon Country California is a town rich with history and tradition. The town of Canyun Country is actually part of the larger city of Santa Clarita CA. There actually is no separate city of Canyon Country California.

Brief History of Canyon Country California

Canyon Country is a small little town located on the eastern portion of the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV). It's big enough to take up a few off-ramps of the Antelope Valley Freeway (California state highway 14), from Via Princessa to Sand Canyon and Soledad Canyon. A map of Canyon Country shows it to be just north of the San Fernando Valley.

It started off as a collection of little neighborhoods, and was known as being a part of nearby Saugus CA until sometime in the 1960s. The hub of Canyun Country CA was the Solemint Junction, where the much-travelled Sierra Highway -- part of the old road from Los Angeles to Las Vegas -- intersected with Soledad Canyon. Solemint Junction is still a street with heavily traffic today, but now it's all local traffic, usually people waiting 10 minutes to make left turns.

Sand Canyon started off as ranch land where horseback-riding was common and the locals included rodeo and film stars, Monty Montana and Sam Garrett. The first Sand Canyon gated community was built in the early 1980s, and this changed the "ranch" nature of Sand Canyon forever from rustic ranch and horse country to the place where today's Hollywood stars and others with affluent lifestyles settle down on larger parcels than they could otherwise get in more western parts of Santa Clarita, thanks to generous ranch-era zoning laws.

(Linda Gray from Dallas and her family have lived there since the 1970s... probably earlier)


Proud of our Santa Clarita Valley Heritage

The computer repair geeks from Nerds 2 U are proud residents of Santa Clarita California, and some of us have even been out here since the mid-1970s, way before there ever was a city of Santa Clarita.

We hope that you'll give Canyon Country computer consultants at Nerds 2 U the chance to help you with all of your Canyon Country PC repair, web design, onsite computer repar and web site and page design needs.


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