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Valencia Ca


Valencia California is a town rich with history and tradition. The city of Valencia is actually part of the larger city of Santa Clarita CA. There actually is no separate city of Valencia California.

Brief History of Valencia California

Valencia was founded by Newhall Land & Farming, which at one point owned most of the groves and farm land in Santa Clarita California. Growth really took off in the post-war era, and was greatly accellerated by the opening of Magic Mountain in 1971 (amusement park operator Six Flags later bought it from Newhall Land in the early 1980s).

Growth in the city of Valencia really took off after that, with planned communities such as The Summit being built, with its gentle paseos and bike paths. The Valencia real estate market was just starting to take off. Many passers-by on the Interstate 5 / Golden State Freeway recognize the mystical swirly logo of Valencia CA (at left).

City of Valencia California?

There were many attempts to incorporate Valencia and the surrounding communities of Canyon Country CA, Saugus California, Newhall CA and break off with independence instead of just languish as an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County. This was similar to the much more publicized San Fernando Valley seccession succession secession bid that failed in 2002. Attempts for Valencia ca to be something called Canyon County failed in a bid by the voters in the late 1970s.

Finally, with a successful vote for cityhood in 1987, Valencia (not spelled Vallencia or even Valincia) became part of the new city of Santa Clarita California, which excluded the then-new development of Stevenson Ranch California (in a semi-ironic twist, the now huge and affluent ranch of Stevensons is probably a bigger tax base than Saugus and Newhall combined. Stevenson Ranch is the official address of many large chain retailers, as well as some of the nicer real estate.

Valencia Oranges

As nice as the climate is in the city of Santa Clarita CA,valencia orange info Valencia oranges don't come from Valencia CA. They're not even from the more-famous Valencia Spain, far as we can tell. Instead, Valencia oranges come from (and this won't be a major surprise) Valencia County Florida

Where is Valencia CA anyway?

Valencia is located on the west end of the city of Santa Clarita, up against the Golden State Freeway. A decent map of Valencia shows that it's about 40 minutes NW of Los Angeles, and a zoomed in Valencia map lets you see that it's just north of the San Fernando Valley and not far away from Simi Valley.

Valencia Town Center

The Valencia Town Center finally finished construction around 1989, and with that, gave Santa Clarita its first mall. This was a big deal around these parts, as it established the SCV as a desirable location for national retailers, and saved the nearly quarter-million residents of the Santa Clarita Valley a trip "over the hill" to the Northridge Fashion Center for all the shopping. Its success showed that not only can a small business or national retailer do well in Vallencia, but that this upscale real estate market can be a very successful location for upscale stores. Speaking of location, the mall is located not far from the center town Valencia (probably not related to the name they chose).

Proud of our Santa Clarita Valley Heritage

The computer repair geeks from Nerds 2 U are proud residents of Santa Clarita California, and some of us have even been out here since the mid-1970s, way before there ever was a city of Santa Clarita.

We hope that you'll give the Valencia computer consultants Nerds 2 U the chance to help you with all of your PC repair in Valencia, web design, onsite computer repar and web site and page design needs.


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