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Slammer Worm


What is it?

What is the slammer worm? It's something that hit during the last weekend of January. You've probably heard all over the news how it shut down the internet, and even stopped some Bank of America customers from having access to their money at ATMs.

Do I need to worry about?

Not really. It's something that affects the big servers of big companies. Unless you're running Microsoft's SQL server, which most of us aren't, you don't need to fret. It's a "hole" in the security of this SQL server thing that has been known about for a while, but really not acted on. So, it was just sitting there waiting to be exploited.

You really are much better off worrying about the Klez virus worm. It's much more prevalent and really common these days. That thing actually disables and/or deletes your anti virus protection.

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