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Plain English

Lots of geeks are propeller-heads who can fix your computer. What is an art, though, is the guy who can get it working right and explain to you what they did, what was wrong, or provide you the training and info you need in plain English you can understand.

In our corporate experience, this talent wasn't appreciated by our kin in the big IT (computer or technology) departments. See, they only value people who can talk geek-speak. They figure someone who can speak the language of the customer -- English -- was not "one of them."

In our humble opinion, nerds who have the talent and ability to explain the problems and solutions to you in words and language you understand -- sometimes using folksy metaphors and analogies -- are more valuable and appreciated by you. Computer training will stick, you can stop doing whatever you did to cause the problem, and you'll be more comfortable with the computer... and us.

And isn't that what it's all about? :)

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