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Computer Backup


Is your data safe?

You spend hours each day creating something really important. Whether it's a spreadsheet, a journal, a database of clients or contacts, or even just your bookmarks. The question you should ask yourself is this: "How will you feel if next time you went to access it, the important information is gone?"

That might sound dramatic, but guess what: if you don't have a backup system or a data backup and you have data loss, you will be devastated. A backup solution is the key.

What is a back up solution?

There are many different ways to do a PC backup or a system backup. All of them have one thing in common: they put what you consider important data in a second place by making a copy of it. This backup media type can vary. Back up media can be:

Regardless which you choose, the outcome is the same. When your hard drive crashes (and they all do eventually), you'll have a nice safe spot to do a backup restore.

Which back up media is best?

There are pros and cons to many of the different types of backup systems. A back up CD is the most inexpensive way to go, but it requires constant maintenance. CDs are pennies per disc, but you have to change the disk in there nightly. Plus, most back up CDROM disks can only hold 700 megs. It's doubtful that your precious data is less than this, particularly if you have a collection of music files that you would hate to lose.

This is why some people are considering using a DVD backup, which can hold over 4 gigabytes of data per disk. (this is more than a Zip back up, which can hold hundreds of megs or maybe a gig or so, but not as much as DVDs). DVD recording, though, has a downside, since there is no uniformity or standard of the various types of DVD formats. This raises compatability issues that are worth considering.

A tape back up is slow, and a bit more expensive. We can make it do incremental backups which take up less tape and time, but restoring from backup really can be time-consuming if you need to get that one file you accidentally erased.

A PC backup that uses another hard drive is a good way to go. This so-called hard drive back up is relatively cheaper, now that harddrive prices have come down so much. Digressing, we can set up a RAID array, so that you have a hard drive mirror of your important stuff at all times. A RAID backup can be tricky to set up, but has very high reliability.

A network backup is where you copy contents of one hard drive over a network to another (presumably safer) backup drive. This is safe and, again, cheap since storage prices are so low.

Your Los Angeles computer consultant

With all the choices, it's obvious that you should probably talk to a professional computer consultant to make sure that you have a back up solution. While you can maybe buy a back up program, you really don't want to wake up one day find out you've lost all the stuff you consider important. That is the day you'll wish you clicked on the email link below to do a PC backup


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