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Computer Networking


Why network computers?

Why should you network your computers? The answer is simple. Why have a bunch of standalone computer who are all doing their own thing? It's really a waste of resources.

Communication: Computer net working

Think about it: Would you tolerate it if all your employees came in, put their head down, worked all day, and didn't talk to each other? Of course not. It's not an efficient way to run a business. You want your employees to communicate. You should expect your PCs to communicate and be efficient. Computer net working will help you with this.


Not to be confused with network security, your data will be more safe when you use computer networking. You'd never put all your eggs into one perilous basket, so why do you save all your important information on one computer that is not backed up? What happens when that computer crashes? Yet, by you and all the other computers saving in their only little island, you've done this... times X (x is algebra for "how many computers you have"). Why not have all data saved on a networked server that is backed up regularly? That way, when a PC crashes, the server has everything all safe and sound. And if the server crashes, it's the only thing you need to back up.

Why wait?

Each day that goes by, it's one more day that you're wasting efficiency. Computer net working is the answer. A networking professional can help you, as Nerds 2 U comes out and then assesses your needs and sets you up on a local area network (not an "area local network" as some call it wrongly).

What's all this about wireless networking?

You might be thinking, "Great, I want computer networking, but I don't want all the messy cables that come from networking with cat5 cable." Wireless networking is the solution. What this really means is that computer consultant from Nerds 2 U will come to your small business and set up a transmitter. This transmitter is no good without a receiver to pick up the connection. Bingo. Now you've got computer net working without cables. This is really good if one or more computers is a laptop computer or notebook computer, since you can work 2000 feet (or more) away from the transmitter without cat5 cables.

What about wireless network security?

Network security is crucial, but wireless network security is even more so. Why? Because you'll be broadcasting all of your data. You don't want someone nearby intercepting or snooping. This is not a problem with modern wireless computing. Most "transmitters" and "receivers" can have the data encrypted. There're many levels of data encryption, and ways to set it up, but the bottom line is that your computer  networking setup will indeed be secure.

Configuring a computer network

All of this can be notoriously hard to setup, as the many people who've attempted to configure a wireless home network can attest. Wireless home networking is great, but really can drain your will to live. If you're attempting to do computer networking with PCs that have Windows 95, Win98 or Windows ME, you're really spinning your wheels. The networking component of Win9x (as they call it) is really not that good. You're much better going with Windows 2000 networking.

This is why, for your small business or home office, you're probably best off calling a tech support nerd as your computer consultant. And do it right now!



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