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Computer Repair & Troubleshooting


Fixing Software and OS Reinstalls

PC repair requires vast knowledge of software and hardware configurations. If you think about it, no two computers are the same. The depth and breadth required from a computer consultant is really staggering, and can be overwhelming.

Whomever you choose to fix your computer either needs to be familiar with the computer hardware and/or software you've got, or know how to find the answers.

Qualites of a PC tech

So, while you wouldn't normally think of it this way, a PC technician who does your tech support must have certain qualities:

Well, you might be wondering why "knowledgeable" is listed last? Really, it's more important not what someone has in their head (though it sure helps to know stuff) but, since there are a million configurations of computers out there, no one is going to know them all. What matters more is the ability to find the solution. And this is where the ability to research, find the answers, test theorized answers methodically all are crucial for getting your PC fixed quickly and efficiently.

(Oh, and the sense of humor thing we just threw in there, since it really doesn't hurt now, does it?)

What about certifications?

Being certified was not in my list above. Why? Because someone can be knowledgeable and not certified. And be certified and not knowledgeable. Seriously, people can take and pass the tests that come with "getting certified" and not know a stinking thing. They learned just enough to take a test, spit it out on a paper and then, most likely forgot the arcane and trivial information they had to put on paper. Does this make it more or less likely that this person will know how to fix your computer? Or would a computer technician who has determination, experience and resourcefulness be a better person to repair the PC?

All things being the same, most anyone here in Santa Clarita can say they'll install software and configure and tweak the operating system or OS so that your computer problems are fixed. Pretty much anyone can setup hardware so that things run better. But, all things being the same, wouldn't you rather have someone who is not just a propellor-head, but someone who also has the belief structure that the customer is always right, AND is resourceful, experienced and even has a sense of humor?

We thought you'd agree. :)

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