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Kelz virus worm

The kelz virus does the following: you get an email, often with an exciting or alluring title. It is often different, but the subject can be something like "A very funny website" or "A WinXP patch" or even the harmless-sounding "Undeliverable mail" subject. There is almost always an attachment with this email. It may be a .bat or a .exe or a .scr file. Don't run it. The Kelz worm email often is between 100K and 150K. If you get something like this from someone you don't know, just delete.

Kelz removal tool

But let's say you didn't delete it. You ran it, and now part of your operating system or your anti virus software is deleted. A good kelz removal tool can be found for download at Symantec (maker of Norten AntiVirus Norten Anti VirisNorton Anti Virus) and free Macafee Virus Scan McAfee.

Note: the nature of kelz is to sometimes email an infected attachment that calls itself a virus removal tool. Don't run it! Get the kelz removal tool from one of the above links, or call us.

Note: most people call this worm "Klez"

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