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Anti Virus House Call


Anti Virus Protection

There are many people out there who are writing new viruses and worms daily. Hopefully, you have a good anti virus program to give you anti virus protection. But, it's possible that you bought something like Norten Anti Virus   Norton Anti Viris   Norton Anti Virus and figured you were done with it. The bad news is that you only bought a year's worth of service. Many people don't renew after the year is up, leaving them vulnerable to a computer virus.

Get an anti virus housecall

Luckily, we make anti virus housecalls. We have 6 years of experience of solving problems just like yours. If you're in Santa Clarita, anti virus removal can be right around the corner. Just pick up the phone and call us.

Anti virus protection

Sometimes, we're asked what is the anti viris protection. There are antivirus software packages out there that all claim to be the best. How do you know which is the best anti virus software?

There is an objective and neutral company that tests for viruses and virus worm removal efficiency each month. They provide independent anti virus advice.

What they show is Norton Anti Virus and McAfee anti virus scan -- the best known antivirus protection software suites in the United States -- are good and often catch 100% of the viruses in the wild. However, there are other anti viris protection packages besides Macafee virus protection (oops, I mean McAfee) that can be just as good. While many people haven't heard of them, Eset, Norman and Sophos more than hold their own in anti virus reviews like this.

Virus hoaxes

Another problem competing against the time that computer viris protection takes from us is that of the virus hoax. Like the email virus, you'll receive the hoax from people you know. But the impact is not "harmless," as people say. Instead, the time you take passing this along to "all your friends" takes up valuable resources, and will make your friends think that you're dumb, lazy or both.

There are places you can and should go to check all suspicious emails that threaten to erase your hard drive. Virus hoax web sites that we like are Snopes, Vmyths, Korova, and Sophos.

Bottom line: check one or more of these sites before forwarding any questionable email that might be virus hoaxes. And then just delete it.

Virus worms

Virus worms are like normal virises, in that they require good antiviris protection. However, these often require no action on your part and often disable something in your system without you knowing. The most common worm out right now is the klez worm, also called the klez virus. This actually will delete your anti virus software!

The klez virus (some people do spell it kelz virus) does the following: you get an email, often with an exciting or alluring title. It is often different, but the subject can be something like "A very funny website" or "A WinXP patch" or even the harmless-sounding "Undeliverable mail" subject. There is almost always an attachment with this email. It may be a .bat or a .exe or a .scr file. Don't run it. It often is between 100K and 150K. If you get something like this from someone you don't know, just delete.

Klez removal tool

But let's say you didn't delete it. You ran it, and now part of your operating system or your anti virus software is deleted. A good klez removal tool can be found for download at Symantec (maker of Norten AntiVirus Norten Anti Viris Norton Anti Virus) and free Macafee Virus Scan McAfee.

Note: the nature of klez is to sometimes email an infected attachment that calls itself a virus removal tool. Don't run it! Get the tool from one of the above links, or call us.

Have us make an anti virus house call

Or, if you're around Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita, anti virus protection is just a phone call away. We'll come there and give you the onsite Santa Clarita virus removal help you need.


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