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Stop Spam

Spam Emails - They're evil and must be stopped

Email spam is a problem that is getting worse and worse every year. It affects the productivity and efficiency of your company, your employees, and (of course) you.

What is Spam?

As you probably know, spam is the unauthorized sending of e-mail that you don't want. In other words, it's, um, junk e-mail. They usually take the form of "free vacations" and "cheap viagra" and adult porn sites in e-mails that have flashy web-page looking appearances.

How do I solve my junk email problem?

The solution, believe it or not, is notto click on those "remove me" links. Don't do it! You're just confirming that the email address they have for you is a valid one. Once they know that, they can turn around and rent it or sell it as part of a list of millions. By clicking "remove" you are, in fact, ensuring that you get many many more emails from sleazy spammers.

Spam Solutions

There are ways to stop the spam from getting to your email inbox. One way is to get an email server which can have software installed on it that filters spam before it ever makes it to your Outlook (or whatever) inbox. Another way is to install Bayesian software on your computers so that mail is checked out before Outlook sees it. This method requires some training, but can be made to be about 98% accurate. A third way is to get a domain and then use specific email addresses for when you're dealing with particular websites or vendors when you think spam is a risk. You can then block it very easily in the future.

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