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Email Services


Email problems that require solutions

Read on for how you can solve these problems and work more efficiently.

What message are you sending?



A professional business needs communication. Yet, how many of you -- and you know who you are -- run a small business where each employee has to use their own personal email account to correspond with each other.. and the outside world? What message do you think that sends vendors, clients?


A company that requires employees to all dial up and use AOL to conduct buiness is really not using their employees and resources to the fullest. In fact, it's a waste of time and money.

Bring your business together

With or without a high speed internet connection, you can have all of your email sent from "". There would be no more fight for the phone line and you would have one consistent and professional image that your clients and contacts will see.


Spam and Junk Email Solutions

Spam sucks the productivity out of your day. How many emails do you get touting a vacation you may have won or something similiarly stupid? How many do you think your coworkers and employees get? Throw in a Klez virus and you've now got downtime added to the mix. There are ways to filter your email with an email server that's set up by Nerds 2 U where you never see spam again.

Remote access of your email via browser

If you needed to check some work-related email from home or on the road, what would you do? Set up some insecure software that allows you to sloooowly connect to your work PC?

Why not access work email via the web from any browser? The computer tech nerds can set up an email service so that you and your employees can access all of your work email from anywhere, at anytime. And email that is sent from the web maintains your work email address, so you can be in touch with your business contacts and clients no matter where you are.

Contact us to find out how Nerds 2 U can solve these and other email problems by dropping us a line or calling us. We'll come out and give you the Santa Clarita email service you've been looking for.



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