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Computer Training


Santa Clarita Software Training

Computer software that your employees don't know well or know how to use to its fullest is a drain on productivity, time and efficiency.

Nerds 2 U can solve this. We're familiar with many popular software programs, and can provide you the computer training you need in a way they'll retain it, and enjoy the whole experience!

"So what? Lots of people do software training"

Perhaps. But there are things about the fun geeks at Nerds 2 U that are different.

We explain stuff in plain English

Not everyone can explain computer software concepts in plain English. And that's an art. This is something that's really valuable in a computer trainer. You want someone that can connect with the person getting instruction.

Our software trainers are fun

You don't want someone that knows their stuff. It's not enough that our Santa Clarita computer trainers able to explain things in simple terms. But it's also key that we are fun, have a sense of humor and can connect with the person/people/class. This makes the experience not one to be dreaded, but one to be excited about. And excited learners become knowledgeable and absorb the stuff.

Onsite program training

Best of all, we'll come to you and provide the software training you or your staff needs. We're flexible and accommodate your onsite computer training needs.

Program Training

We know the common stuff, and are pretty darned good at the finer points of Excel and Quattro (formulas, linked spreadsheets), and databases and such. But the real thing that sets us a software trainer from Nerds 2 U apart is that we can quickly study proprietary software that you or your staff uses, learn it quickly and then turn around and teach it.

Santa Clarita Computer Training 2 U

So, no matter what your computer training need, whether it's for one person, 5 people or 25 people, Nerds2U can come onsite to you and give you and your team the software training you need to know to excel and use that software the best that you possibly can!


 computer training

If you need a visit, write us and say, "I need a nerd!"


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